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The Lab

Driven by our passion and desire to learn and share, we create, operate and continuously improve software solutions by validating and focusing on what matters.
Our designers drawing our vision in our office space
Sharing is not just part of our day to day work life, it is a mindset!

The Lab

Our Story

Volkswagen is on a mission: to change mobility for future generations.

In 2015, the Volkswagen Digital:Lab Berlin has been set out to make great software products. It is the place where talented people are empowered to put their best work into products of the Volkswagen Group.

Over the years, our team grew to 60 people who use their expertise in software engineering, product management, and design to craft and ship outstanding products and experiences.

Early 2015

The desire of creating a space using modern methods to build user-centered products is shaped. The search for the ideal partner in this journey starts.

Mid 2015

The Digital:Lab opens its doors. A partner is identified for this transformation.

End 2015

First MVP (SalesApp) is ready!


We started other products (IdentityKit, Flashlight) which are live today with a big userbase.

Mid 2017

IdentityKit, our identity provider product, is extended by 2 more teams.

End 2017

Volkswagen Web Services (platform support and whole cloud environment), IdentityKit (identity provider), and VCF (car data provider) are live.

Early 2018

We are 30 people in the Lab and our single floor work space is getting a bit small so we extend it to 3 floors.

Mid 2018

VCF, our car data provider, grows into 2 additional teams.


We are more than 60 people originating from 28 nations.

More Volkswagen Group brands use IdentityKit.

We hold even more meetups, and take part in the organization of various international tech conferences.

We spread our model to other labs by supporting them.

Our monthly group photo
Hallo! Hola! Cześć. 안녕하세요. Moin. שלום. Grüezi. Здрав. Merhaba. నమస్కార. Ç'kemi? नमस्ते. Servus. Buon giorno. Grias Gott. مرحبا. Hello! Здравей. Hej! Bonjour! Olá. Привіт! All different, all together.

The Lab

Our Values & Culture

We all follow a simple set of rules: "Be honest and respectful, and do what matters."

We value integrity, transparency, and trust by providing an environment where failure is perceived as an opportunity to learn and success is enjoyed together.

We value joy, empathy, and passion by empowering everyone to share their knowledge and to try new things.

We value diversity by thriving for our Lab to be always more representative, open-minded, and empathic.

The Lab

Our Methods

Teams in the Digital:Lab don't just craft software. We do it with methods inspired and adapted from the startup spirit.

We work in balanced teams in order to be autonomous and to deliver outstanding products. Having a shared understanding helps us to find a common goal and balance technical, business, and user needs.

We adopted Extreme Programming across our 3 domains of expertise. This way we deliver high quality (with test-driven development), focus on what matters (by doing short release cycles), and share knowledge and understanding (by pairing).

We use design thinking and MVP (Minimal Viable Product) approach to shape and validate our products in order to proudly deliver amazing experiences to our customers and users.

We work in a Lean way in order to learn early, focus on delivering value fast and often, and respect our users. Therefore each team plans together, designs ahead, validates ideas with real users early on, builds each feature in-house, and releases regularly in small increments.

Lab members having a conversation in front of a whiteboard
All roles work together as a balanced team.

The Lab

Our Products

We are continuously coming up with and releasing new products for Volkswagen Group. Below are some of them.


Thunder is a web-based car sales application empowering dealers, while simplifying sales and admin processes. It also improves customers’ buying experiences at critical sales touch points.


Hunter is based on Thunder and improves experiences for customers and dealers for vehicles manufactured pre-purchase.


Heartbeat monitors the health of Volkswagen applications in real-time, detecting and reporting issues which may impact our customers to Customer care agents, IT support, and product teams.

Now at CARIAD for further scaling.


IdentityKit is a secure and simple login solution that allows all our customers to access the digital ecosystem.

Now at CARIAD for further scaling.


VCF is a REST API that gives developers a unified and compliant access to vehicles for rapid development of mobility solutions.

Now at CARIAD for further scaling.

Join Us

In order to stay flexible and consistent, our balanced teams are always composed of the 3 following disciplines: software engineering, product design, and product management.

Software engineers weigh feasibility over needs. They question prerequisites and look for sustainable solution with the team.

Product designers are the voice of the users. They translate it by prototyping and validating product features.

Product managers balance the users' and the business' needs. They prioritise it and cater for its delivery.

Discover more about our profiles and openings on our Job portal (note: our Job portal is in German but English is our working language of our office)

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